Island Life | Top 10 Island Getaways


Island life is the good life. Wherever in the world you may be and whatever floats your boat, there’s an island for you. I’m lucky enough to have travelled to many across the globe and have listed my top 10 below, as is my way, the majority offer themselves perfectly to a sock-less, laid back existence under palm trees, but not all of them!

If you want to wistfully browse through a selection of more remote islands, float over to our Top 10 Remote Islands post instead.

10 | Santorini, Greece

9 | South Island, New Zealand

8 | Rottnest Island, WA, Australia

7 |  Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia

6 | Palawan, Philippines

5 | Sardinia, Italy

4 | Alderney, Channel Islands (not my photos)

3 | Upolu, Samoa

2 |Mantaray Island, Fiji

1 | Siargao, Philippines

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