Who am I?

I’m Nick Holton, sole contributor to the Salty Sea Dog travel blog – part time surfer, photographer, artist and full-time hater of socks.

I live and work in Sydney having moved from Bristol, in the UK, back in 2014 seeking an escape from the drizzle to sun, sand and sea. Despite working 9-5:30 for a digital marketing agency, I’m pursuing my dream to be office-free; sat under a palm tree in paradise ‘working’ remotely!

Thanks to my parents, I’ve always had a passion for travelling and (according to Been) have covered a meagre 14% of the world in my 28 years. My ambition, set in 2013, is to visit a new country every year for the rest of my life and I’m lucky enough to have visited some magical places along the way.

Because I work full-time, I grasp any opportunity to travel and you’ll notice a lot of my posts are suited to those spending less than a month in any destination. Whether solo, with my lovely girfriend, Sadie, or with friends, I’m always seeking a trip that gets me off the beaten track and (typically) as close to the beach as possible!

Follow me to keep up to date with my latest adventures and please feel free to comment with suggestions and recommendations!

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